Everything Microsoft announced at Its 2021 Microsoft Surface Event

Everything Microsoft announced at Its 2021 Microsoft Surface Event
Credit: Microsoft
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Microsoft’s much-anticipated Surface product event took place on Wednesday, and we have plenty of details to share. The company capped off the event by unveiling a fancy new Surface Laptop Studio, a one-of-a-kind Surface Duo 2 folding phone, and other products.

Here’s what Microsoft announced on September 22nd, 2021, what you need to know, and when you can order new products.

Surface Laptop Studio 2-in-1

Credit: Microsoft

The Surface Laptop Studio is Microsoft’s new flagship 2-in-1 laptop. This year, it completely changes the game with a brand-new design that is unlike anything else on the market. The Studio still folds flat and does everything we’ve come to expect from a 2-in-1, but it now has a unique floating mode that allows you to perch the screen upwards and behind the trackpad for immersive gaming or streaming experiences.

We also like the new “Studio” mode, in which the display lays flat against the keyboard and trackpad for a tablet-like experience rather than folding around the back. It’s a fun and stylish alternative to other options on the market.

This new Laptop Studio is Microsoft’s most powerful Surface device to date, and it is available in a variety of configurations. Support for 11th Generation Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, and more to run Pro-level software, top AAA games, and more.

The Surface Laptop Studio has a 14.4-inch PixelSense display that is super slim despite the integrated hinge, but the overall package weighs more than 4lbs, so it is far from light. For those who prefer a stylus experience, there is also a magnetic storage and charging slot for the new Surface Slim Pen 2.

The Surface Laptop Studio is priced at $1,600 and is currently available for pre-order on Microsoft’s website. Units will be available on October 5th, the same day as Windows 11.

Surface Duo 2 Folding Phone

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s take on the folding phone has returned, and it’s better than ever. Of course, we’re referring to the newly enhanced Surface Duo 2, which now has a third display — just not where you’d expect.

The Surface Duo 2 retains the same basic design as the original. A folding device with two displays connected by a strong hinge, rather than one large display made of plastic that bends like the Galaxy Z Fold. That should make it more durable than true foldables, in theory. This year, instead of the original’s 8.1-inch display, we’ll get a larger 8.3-inch 90Hz display.

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The third screen, which allows you to see the time, date, battery status, and incoming notifications without having to open your device, is perhaps the most significant change. Instead of a large third screen, Microsoft added a small strip screen to the side hinge.

This new folding phone addresses the majority of the original’s flaws. The Surface Duo 2 features 5G, NFC, 8GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It will launch with Android 11 and, hopefully, will receive a quick update to Android 12 soon. Buyers will also get a new triple camera setup, a ToF sensor, a larger battery, more significant storage options, and an optional 23W fast charger or the Slim Pen 2.

The Surface Duo 2 is available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage capacities, with a starting price of $1,599, which is $100 more than the original. Furthermore, you can pre-order it in two colors, Glacier and Obsidian, from Microsoft beginning today. The units will be delivered on October 21st.

Surface Pro, Surface X, and Surface Go

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s well-known Surface Tablet line is also getting a major makeover. The new Surface Pro 8 appears to be very similar to its predecessors at first glance, but much has changed. Yes, it retains the same tried-and-true design, but it’s all about the ports, specifications, and what’s inside.

The new Surface Pro 8 does away with the USB-A port in favor of two USB-C Thunderbolt ports. Finally! That means they can support high-speed data transfer, monitors, and all of your favorite accessories. Not only are the ports faster, but everything else is as well. Thanks to new Intel 11th Gen processors in i5 or i7 configurations, the Pro 8 is more than twice as fast as last year’s model.

Along with 11th generation chips, users can choose from 8GB to 32GB of RAM, tons of storage starting at 128GB and going up to 1TB, and SSD drives that are user-replaceable.

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The Surface Pro 8 also works with the new Surface Slim Pen 2, and it, like the Pro X, has an optional keyboard that can house and charge it. The Surface Pro 8 will be available for purchase on October 5th, but you can pre-order it today for $1,099.99.

Furthermore, Microsoft unveiled a new Surface Pro X, which, as we all know, replaced the struggling Surface RT a while ago. While the Surface Pro X hasn’t changed significantly this year, it does now come in a more affordable Wi-Fi variant.

The only difference is that, like the previous LTE model, it comes in a variety of RAM (8 or 16 GB) and storage (128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB) configurations. The new Wi-Fi-only models are now available for pre-order, with prices starting at $899.99. The units will be delivered on October 5th.

Credit: Microsoft

Last but not least, Microsoft’s Surface Go received a minor update to increase power, but that was it. The new Surface Go 3 features newer Intel Pentium processors as well as an Intel i3 variant. That’s a little exciting, because you’ll now have more power in a small, affordable, portable device. Everything else about the Surface Go, however, remains the same.

The Surface Go 3 is now available for pre-order, with prices starting at $399.99. The Go 3 will be available on October 5th, just like the other Surface tablets.

Surface Accessories

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft announced several exciting new products at the 2021 Surface event. While there aren’t many new accessories or TypeCover keyboards announced, the ones that are are pretty awesome. Having said that, the new Adaptive Kit stood out above the rest.

The Adaptive Kit is a collection of textured stickers, labels, and tabs designed to improve accessibility for all. There are keycap stickers to help those with poor eyesight get proper keyboard alignment, stickers to designate ports, and even tabs you can install on your Surface Laptop to make it easier to open one-handed.

Credit: Microsoft

Many people value the ability to instantly recognize a cable and, more importantly, which port to plug it into. This clever accessory is something that everyone can appreciate.

We’ll also get a new Surface Slim Pen 2 that’s both powerful and capable. This latest stylus was created with comfort, accuracy, and ease of charging in mind. Whether charging in your Surface Pro 8 keyboard cover or magnetically attached to the side of the Surface Duo 2, it will always be ready with a 15-hour battery life.

Credit: Microsoft

The Slim Pen 2 includes a haptic motor that simulates the sensation of rubbing a pen or paintbrush against a sheet of paper, which Microsoft refers to as tactile signals. And, while it’s a minor detail, like the Adaptive kit, it just makes sense. Furthermore, the updated design and sharper tip provide pinpoint accuracy, and it is easier to hold and has improved pressure sensitivity.

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Users will also appreciate the adjustable side and top buttons, which include a one-tap quick erase function. Those who enjoy using a Surface Pen will appreciate the improved experience on the Slim Pen 2 for drawing, taking notes, and other tasks. When it becomes available on October 5th, it will cost $129.

Last but not least, Microsoft revealed a new computer mouse made from recycled plastic. It’s dubbed the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse.

Credit: Microsoft

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is made up of 20% recycled plastic from the ocean. You have to admit, it’s a respectable project. Even better, the box is completely recyclable. It’s also small, lightweight, and efficient, with a 12-month battery life from a single AA battery.

Microsoft is collaborating with a team to recover plastic and waste from the ocean and Earth’s waterways, after which it is cleaned, processed, and turned into products such as this mouse. Furthermore, in certain markets, Microsoft will provide users with a free mail-in label to recycle old products such as mice, which will then be recycled by contracted partners.

The new Ocean Mouse is only $24.99 and is available for purchase right now.

Finally, that’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Surface event in September 2021. Where we got a slick new Surface Laptop Studio, a more powerful Surface Pro 8, and an improved Surface Duo 2 folding phone that the company hopes will compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3.

On October 5th, the majority of these products will be available alongside Windows 11.

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